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terms for history 109 - Social Gospel-Washington Gladden a...

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Social Gospel- Washington Gladden, a Methodist minister created this seven day church during the industrial period in the 1800’s. He saw that there were problems in the city and wanted to extend the time that people could spend at church. Activities such as day care, bingo, and sports were offered which models the typical church in present day. The church leaders took on a more social role in the church. Darwinism and Its Impact on Modern Religion- Charles Darwin created a split in religion because while modernist churches opened their eyes to new ideas in science, fundamentalist churches took the bible literally and rejected ideas such as the evolution of man. Billy Sunday -One of the greatest evangelists in America’s past. An evangelist is someone who does not have a permanent place of worship and just tries to feel salvation on a physical level. He was a professional baseball player that traveled with his tent of worship. When one came to the tent, he would give them a bat of salvation (to hit the devil). He made good money using his symbolic methods and was the first evangelist leader to make it a business. Mary Baker Eddy -She was the originator of Christ Science. She is known as the most important woman in American religion. She founded the Christian Science Church. While today this religion is seen as controversial, people still turn to it as a healing agent when people are sick. Millennialism -It means that the world is going to end, Christ is going to return and people should be prepared for the termination of life itself. The Seventh Day Adventist Church preaches these beliefs as well as a few others. Millennialism involves the belief in supernatural forces and often involves rituals such as a séance, communication with the dead. Horace Mann -He is known as the most important person in education for America. He did not approve of the one-classroom structure of schools. He believed that the more education an individual had, they would be a better American. He established the idea of mass-education and schools with different grade levels. He also thought that teachers should be women to substitute mothers. There are more public schools named after him than anyone else. George Dewey -Founder of the idea of Open School idea. He believed in mass- education but did not like a closed-off environment for it. He also was the originator of the Dewey Decimal system in libraries where books are organized in catalogs which is still widely used today. Walter Reed - He was a medical school graduate that did remarkable research on the causes of Yellow Fever. Because of him, the federal government has put more efforts in the studies of science. The president’s medical center in Washington D.C. was named after him.
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Social Darwinism -The application of Darwin’s theory to society. It meant that the superior “species” was wealthy and prospered. The survival of the fittest included people that could succeed in the scary world of business.
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