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MSE 2620 Final Report Questions 2009 Groups ABC- Thurs 4-9 2:30-4:25 Groups DEF- Thurs 4-16 2:30-4:25 Groups GHI- Thurs 4-23 2:30-4:25 Some questions you should answer in your final lab report. Resistivity of Aluminum You are given a sample of aluminum with a known thickness and width, and are asked to measure resistivity as a function of temperature. 1) Describe the measurement process. Include a layout of the experimental setup you used. 2) Estimate the mobility of aluminum at room temperature. How does it compare to the literature value? Why do you think it is different? 3) How does the mobility change with temperature? Why?
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Unformatted text preview: Characterization of light emitting diodes You are given an LED with different lead lengths for the n and p side. 1) Does the longer lead correspond to the p or the n side? How did you determine this? 2) Plot the current-voltage characteristics of the diode. Identify the various regimes. Describe your observations regarding light emission. Characterization of a BJT 1) It is a PNP or an NPN transistor? How did you determine this? 2) Ground the emitter. Plot the collector current as a function of the collector voltage for various base currents....
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