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Course_Content-1 - and Devices" by Kasap and hand-outs...

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Course Content The course explores the fundamentals of electronic materials and their device applications. It is  organized in the following units:  -Introductory materials science concepts.  -Electrical properties and applications of metals.  -Electrical properties of semiconductors.  -Semiconductor devices.  -Dielectric and optical properties.  A laboratories will give you hands-on experience in the characterization of electronic materials  and devices.  Course Structure - Lectures:  There are 2 lectures per week. Readings are from the book "Principles of Electronic Materials 
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Unformatted text preview: and Devices" by Kasap and hand-outs. Expect a couple of invited lectures on special topics. - Laboratories: There will be a laboratory on materials and device characterization. - Assignments: Group homework assignments will be given for each of the above units. This is meant to simulate the way the real world operates, i.e. cultivate the ability to work in groups to solve problems and learn from each other. - Examinations: There will be one midterm and a cumulative final. -Grading: 30% homeworks + lab report. 30% midterm 40% final...
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  • Spring '09
  • Electronic materials, 40%, 30%, Kasap, Principles of Electronic Materials  and Devices, ­Introductory materials science

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