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schedule_for_class - Thu 12-Mar Review of Unit 3 and...

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09/30/2009 Day Date Topic Lab Homeworks Tue 20-Jan Basic Materials Properties (I) Thu 22-Jan Basic Materials Properties (II) Tue 27-Jan Basic Materials Properties (III) Thu 29-Jan Basic Materials Properties (IV) Tue 3-Feb Basic Materials Properties (V) HW1 handed out Thu 5-Feb Review of Unit 1 and Q&A with the TA Tue 10-Feb Metals (I) HW1 due (end of class) Thu 12-Feb Metals (II) Tue 17-Feb Metals (III) HW1 returned Thu 19-Feb Metals (IV) HW2 handed out Tue 24-Feb Review of Unit 2 and Q&A with the TA Thu 26-Feb Semiconductors (I) HW2 due (end of class) Tue 3-Mar Semiconductors (II) Thu 5-Mar Semiconductors (III) HW2 return Tue 10-Mar Semiconductor (IV) HW3 handed out
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Unformatted text preview: Thu 12-Mar Review of Unit 3 and Q&A with the TA HW3 due (end of class) Tue 17-Mar Spring Break Thu 19-Mar Spring Break Tue 24-Mar Q&A for the Midterm HW3 returned Thu 26-Mar Midterm Tue 31-Mar Devices (I) Thu 2-Apr Devices (II) Tue 7-Apr Devices (III) Midterm returned Thu 9-Apr Devices (IV) Lab teams 1-3 Tue 14-Apr Guest lecture HW4 handed out Thu 16-Apr Review of Unit 4 & Q&A with the TA Lab teams 4-6 Tue 21-Apr Special topic #1 HW4 due (end of class) Thu 23-Apr Special topic #2 Lab teams 7-9 Tue 28-Apr Guest lecture on lithography HW4 returned Thu 30-Apr Q&A with TA...
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