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Renaissance Art . EXAMINATION ONE STUDY GUIDE. Part I. Take-home essays. *In composing these, work on your own and solely from our book and lecture material.* Write two 750-word essays, one from A. and one from B. (50 points each). A. 1. You are a young artist, living in 1470 in Italy. Describe your favorite work from a) the 1200s, b) the 1300s, and c) the 1400s, and then write about who created them, why they were created, and how their elements of design contributed to their functions . Write a visual account in the form of a story of your journey through the palaces and churches of Italy. 2. Characterize Giotto’s style by describing 2 of his images, from Padua and from Florence. Why is Giotto important for the development of Renaissance art, especially in terms of elements of design? Compare his work to that of one painter from the 1400s. B . 3. Characterize the work of Donatello by describing two of his sculptures in the round, and
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Unformatted text preview: comparing them with one trecento sculpture. Then discuss how these works may be said to exemplify Florentine humanism . 4. Discuss Brunelleschi’s contribution to the history of art and architecture . In your answer, describe two of his buildings, including the Florence Cathedral dome, and how his work led him to invent perspective. Part II. In class. 1. Image Identification. 60 minutes (90 points). Identify each image with name of artist, name of work, location and date of work, (as they appear on the Required Image PowerPoint), then describe the art historical significance of the image (e.g. style, contexts, use, meaning). Each image will be on the screen for three minutes. (see next page) 2. Architectural Vocabulary. 10 minutes (10 points). Label an elevation of the Hospital of the Innocents , left, with 10 of the terms from the diagram at right. (The diagram will not be provided on exam day.)...
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