Lecture%2033%202220%20Spring%202009 - Reminders and...

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1 Reminders and Announcements • Exam 2 results are posted (with curve) • HW 19 is due Friday ; HW 20 will be due next Tuesday • Help Room Hours (Physics 117): – M 4-8 pm, T 3-6:30, W 3-6:30, R 4:30-8, F 2-6 Production of em Waves by an Antenna • Neither stationary charges nor steady currents can produce electromagnetic waves • The fundamental mechanism responsible The fundamental mechanism responsible for this radiation is the acceleration of a charged particle • Whenever a charged particle accelerates, it must radiate energy Production of em Waves by an Antenna, 2 •T h i s i s a half-wave antenna • Two conducting rods are connected to a are connected to a source of alternating voltage • The length of each rod is one-quarter of the wavelength of the radiation to be emitted Angular Dependence of Intensity • This shows the angular dependence of the radiation
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Lecture%2033%202220%20Spring%202009 - Reminders and...

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