Lecture%2019%202220%20Spring%202009 - Announcements and...

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1 Announcements and Reminders Exam scores are posted. If you didn’t get your exam back in recitation this week, I will have it Monday. There is a quiz in recitation this week. Homework 11 is due today; HW 12 is due next Tuesday. HW 13 will be due March 13. Turn in a piece of paper with name and responses if you don’t have your clicker with you today, or if you haven’t given me your clicker ID yet Hall Effect When a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, a potential difference is generated in a direction perpendicular to both the current and the magnetic field This phenomena is known as the Hall effect It arises from the deflection of charge carriers to one side of the conductor as a result of the magnetic forces they experience Hall Effect, cont. The Hall effect gives information regarding the sign of the charge carriers and their density It can also be used to measure magnetic fields Hall Voltage This shows an arrangement for observing the Hall effect The Hall voltage is measured between points a and c Hall Voltage, cont
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Lecture%2019%202220%20Spring%202009 - Announcements and...

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