Lecture%2015%202220%20Spring%202009 - Announcements and...

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1 Announcements and Reminders Exams are going to be graded tomorrow night. Homework 9 is due Friday. HW 10 is due next Tuesday. Turn in a piece of paper with name and responses if you don’t have your clicker with you today, or if you haven’t given me your clicker ID yet RC Circuits A direct current circuit may contain capacitors and resistors, and the current will vary with time • Charge and voltage on the capacitor may vary as exp[–t/(RC)] or {1 – exp[–t/(RC)]} • Current through and voltage across the resistor will vary as exp[–t/(RC)] Charging a Capacitor in an RC
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Lecture%2015%202220%20Spring%202009 - Announcements and...

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