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1 Physics 2220 Announcements: HW 3 is due tomorrow at 7 pm. HW 4 is due Friday. Help room (Physics 117) hours Help room (Physics 117) hours: Monday 4-8 pm Tuesday and Wednesday 3-6:30 pm Thursday 4:30-8 pm Friday 2-6 pm Turn in a piece of paper with name and responses if you don’t have your clicker with you today, or if you haven’t given me your clicker ID yet Gauss’s Law • Gauss’s law states i th t h i id th f EA in E o q d ε Φ= ⋅ = ± q in is the net charge inside the surface E represents the electric field at any point on the surface E is the total electric field and may have contributions from charges both inside and outside of the surface Conditions for a Gaussian Surface Try to choose a surface that satisfies one or more of these conditions: • The value of the electric field can be argued from symmetry to be constant over the surface • The dot product of E . d A can be expressed as a simple algebraic product E dA because E and d A are parallel
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Lecture%205%202220%20Spring%202009 - Physics 2220...

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