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1 Physics 2220 Announcements: HW 2 is due today at 7 pm. HW 3 is posted and is due next Tuesday. Help room (Physics 117) hours Help room (Physics 117) hours: Monday 4-8 pm Tuesday and Wednesday 3-6:30 pm Thursday 4:30-8 pm Friday 2-6 pm Turn in a piece of paper with name and responses if you don’t have your clicker with you today, or if you haven’t given me your clicker ID yet Motion of Charged Particles • When a charged particle is placed in an electric field, it experiences an electrical force • The net force will cause the particle to accelerate according to Newton’s second law • If the electrical force is the only force, F e = q E = m a Electron in a Uniform Field, Example • The electron is projected horizontally into a uniform electric field • The electron undergoes a downward acceleration – It is negative, so the acceleration is opposite E • Its motion is parabolic while between the plates The Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Chapter 24 Gauss’s Law Electric Flux Electric flux is the product of the magnitude of the electric field and the surface area, A , perpendicular to the field Φ E = EA
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Lecture%204%202220%20Spring%202009 - Physics 2220...

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