Lecture%203%202220%20Spring%202009 - Physics 2220...

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1 Physics 2220 Announcements: HW 1 is posted, and is due tomorrow at 7 pm. HW 2 is posted, and due Friday at 7 pm. Help room (Physics 117) hours: Monday 4-8 pm Tuesday and Wednesday 3-6:30 pm Thursday 4:30-8 pm Friday 2-6 pm Turn in a piece of paper with name and responses if you don’t have your clicker with you today, or if you haven’t given me your clicker ID yet Coulomb’s Law Vector equation! 12 ˆ qq 12 2 e k r = F r Electric Field for Point Charge ˆ e q k == F Er 2 e o qr Superposition with Electric Fields • For point charges: 2 ˆ i ei i i q k r = Electric Field – Continuous Charge Distribution • Procedure: – Divide the charge distribution into small elements, each of which contains Δ q – Calculate the electric field due to one of these elements at point P – Evaluate the total field by summing the contributions of all the charge elements Electric Field – Continuous Charge Distribution, equations • For the individual charge elements 2 ˆ e q k r Δ Δ=
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Lecture%203%202220%20Spring%202009 - Physics 2220...

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