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mid2004 - Midterm Examination Intro to Electronics...

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Midterm Examination Intro to Electronics - ECSE-330A October 14 th 2004, 10:05 AM – 11:25 AM Professor David Plant Pertinent Information: 1) This is a closed-book examination, no notes permitted. 2) The examination consists of 4 problems and 37 total possible points. 3) Only the Faculty Standard Calculator is permitted. 4) This paper will NOT be collected. Write all answers in the answer booklet only.
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Question #1 (8 pts) Two identical current amplifiers with input resistance 5k , output resistance 50k , and short-circuit current gain 3.3A/A are placed in series in the setup shown below. A voltage source Vs with source resistance 1K is connected to the input. The load resistance R L = 1.5k . Use the constant-voltage drop model (CVDM) for the diodes. (a) [2 pts] Redraw the circuit and replace the amplifiers with their equivalent circuits. ( note: you can leave the diodes as they are). (b) [3 pts] What DC value of V s is required such that the maximum symmetric voltage swing can be achieved at the output, V out ?
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