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McGill University Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECSE-330A – Introduction to Electronics Examiner: Dr. David V. Plant; _____________________ Associate Examiner: Dr. Ramesh Abhari (signature on file) Date: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 Time: 2:00 – 5:00 Calculator: Faculty Standard Pertinent Information: 1) This is a closed-book examination, no notes permitted. There are 3 pages of equations provided at the back of the examination. 2) The examination consists of 6 problems; you must answer all 6 problems. 3) The examination is worth 70 total points 4) The examination consists of 10 pages, including this page and the equations pages; please ensure you have a COMPLETE examination paper. 5) Only the Faculty Standard Calculator is permitted. 6) Questions may be completed in any order, however ensure that you clearly identify which part of which question you are attempting. Do NOT turn in this exam with your exam booklet
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Question #1 (9 pts.): A transresistance amplifier with input resistance 100 , output resistance 150 , and open-circuit transresistance 400V/A is rectified by adding a feedback diode as shown below. A current source with a source resistance 1.2k is applied at the input. You may assume the 0.7V-drop model for the diode. For parts a), b), c) and d) there is no load attached (Vout is an open-circuit). a) [2 pts.] Redraw the circuit and replace the amplifier with its equivalent circuit. (Note: Leave the diode as it is, do not replace it with its small signal model). b) [2 pts.] Give the voltage gain Vout/Vin when the setup is in the linear region of operation (i.e. before clipping occurs at Vout). c) [2 pts.] At what value of I s does clipping occur at Vout?
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04 - McGill University Faculty of Engineering Department of...

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