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Lyric Fundrasing Letter_printed

Lyric Fundrasing Letter_printed - Tasmanians participated...

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The Hobart Lyric Theatre 60-62 Macquarie Street, Hobart, Tasmania 7001, Australia November 10, 2010 Mr. Colin Keller 62-15 Cuba St. Hobart 5009 Dear Mr. Keller: When the Hobart community sought to recapture the splender and promise of the Hobart Lyric Theatre, its many supporters helped to realize the successes we now celebrate. The Hobart Lyric Theatre serves as a reminder of the vital role the arts have played in the lives of Tasmanians. Since its revitalization, the programs offered by the performance venue have benefited individuals and families throughout the region and beyond. The Hobart Lyric Theatre is a nonprofit organization and is dependent upon its suporters to continue to fulfill its mission. Ticket sales cover only a portion of our operating expenses. We count on contributions to continue to provide the high quality and wide range of programs we present each season. This year we are grateful to be able to celebrate many notable accomplishments. Thousands of
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Unformatted text preview: Tasmanians participated in a season that included musicals, symphony orcestras, jazz ensembles, popular and traditional music, dance, family and children’s events, and some of the finest independent films available. School children from the Hobart region attended special school performances at the theatre. In addition, large capital improvements helped make the theatre more comfortable. As a result, the Arts Council selected the Hobart Lyric Theatre as a site for its Film Preservation Tour, a series of screenings of restored classic films. Please help us continue to bring the magic of the performing and visual arts to the Hobart region. Every contribution – large or small – supports our programs. At this time we ask you to be as generous as you can. Sincerely, Miguel Bortoni Perez Executive Director...
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Lyric Fundrasing Letter_printed - Tasmanians participated...

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