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BICD 100 / Spring, 2008 Page 1 of 7 FINAL EXAM Graded Final exams will be available in the North Lobby of the Muir Biology bldg. starting Fri (June 13 th ) **You can write on this exam, but do not hand it in; we only grade the answer sheets!**  Total points for exam = 400 (45 pts total, 5 pts each) I. Each of the following phrases is the definition of a common genetic term, either a noun or an adjective, of one or two words. Supply the term (all on one page). 1) That section of the genetic material that specifies a single polypeptide chain. 2) A gene which contributes to the formation of a tumor cell. 3) The failure of a transducing DNA segment to be incorporated into the recipient chromosome. 4) Mating between individuals who have at least one common genetic ancestor in the preceding few generations. 5) A polyploid organism arising from the combination of genetically distinct chromosome sets. 6) A group of genetically identical cells all descended from a single common ancestral cell by mitosis. 7) An endonuclease that will recognize specific target nucleotide sequences in DNA. 8) A sequence of DNA that reads the same on complementary strands. 9) A culture of cells composed of 2 different nuclear types in a common cytoplasm. WRITE LARGE AND CLEARLY  (112 pts total, 7 pts each) II. Short answer questions. Put answers on answer sheet. 1) A particular cross (from selfing) gives in the F 2 a modified dihybrid ratio of 9:7 (red:white). What phenotypic ratios would you expect when the F 1 was testcrossed? 2) A certain variety of corn is popular among consumers and is highly profitable. Unfortunately for growers, the variety is partially sterile and known to be an inversion heterozygote for the following homologous chromosomes: ABC•DEFG/abfed•cg (the dot between C & D represents the centromere). If a single crossover event occurs between the centromere and D, then answer the following 3 questions. a) What proportion of gametes would have the normal (alphabetical) gene order? b) What proportion of gametes would have the original inversion? c) What proportion of the gametes would give rise to viable offspring, assuming aneuploids are inviable?
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3) An organism of genotype A b a B is allowed to self. Approximately 1.0% of the progeny are aabb. What is the map distance from A to B? BICD 100 / Spring, 2008 Page 2 of 7 FINAL EXAM 4) Gene m is lethal in the homozygous state. Nevertheless, the gene pools of some populations contain fairly high percentages of this allele. A likely explanation for this fact is a phenomena called _______(a) _______, and a good example of this is _______(b) ________. 5)
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BICD100-08Final - BICD 100 Spring 2008 Page 1 of 7 FINAL...

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