md1key08 - ---------B------- ------A---------- l V) Types...

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BICD 100 GENETICS 1 st MIDTERM 4/23/08 Name: _________________ I.D.: ______________ Section: ________________ Grading Grid: I II III IV V Total Answer Sheet: I) a) pleiotropy II) a) mitosis , Inter or Telophase b) phenotype b) gametes c) map units ( cM) c) Anaphase I to Pro II d) polar body d) prophase I or prophase e) spermatocyte III) 1)D 2)B 3)B 4)C 5)B 6)E 7)B IV) a+b) --------C-------- ----E------------ ---D---
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Unformatted text preview: ---------B------- ------A---------- l V) Types Phenotypes % Parental Parental a-b - c + a + b + c-36 ( .36 ) 36 Single Crossover Region I Single Crossover Region I a-b + c- a + b - c + 4 4 Single Crossover Region II Single Crossover Region II a-b c- a + b + c + 9 9 Double Crossovers Double Crossovers a-b + c + a + b c-1 1...
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md1key08 - ---------B------- ------A---------- l V) Types...

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