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1 Fall 2009 Physics 2A – General Physics Lecture room: Physics 2000 Lecture time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:10-10:00 Instructor: Robert Clare Office: Physics 3021 Phone number: 827-5335 e-mail address: Office hours: Mondays 2:00-3:00 PM; Tuesdays 2:15-3:30 PM Discussion TAs (For information on office hours, see the section below.) Hulya Atmacan e-mail address: John Mann e-mail address: Xiaoxiao He e-mail address: Overview In this course you will receive an introductory presentation of classical mechanics. Mathematics is important in physics, and it is assumed that you have a good working knowledge of algebra, trigonometry, and freshman calculus. We will use vectors quite often. Remember that Newton had to develop calculus to understand mechanics, so calculus is pretty much unavoidable. Physics is different from many of the subjects that you have studied. Memorization of equations will not help you. Instead, you must understand the concepts involved to be able to apply an equation to a problem. This takes practice, and thus working problems is also critical to doing well in this course. You are responsible for all of the course material. This means all of the reading, all of the lecture material, and all of the course information on the iLearn course web site. When you have trouble understanding something, get help right away so you will be able to understand the new material that will build on what has already been covered. If you come to lecture your grade is likely to be good; if you don’t come to lecture your grade is likely to be poor. Bring your mind, not just your body, to lecture and discussion section. Have real questions to ask. Don’t be shy. The only stupid question is an unasked one. The laboratory (i.e., Physics 2AL) is a separate course handled by Doctor Chuang. Enrollment in the lab is not necessary for this course, though some majors may require it. The labs start during the first full week of the quarter, that is, starting September 28 th . If you have any questions about the lab, you must contact Doctor Chuang. Textbook We will use Principles of Physics , 4 th edition by Raymond Serway and John Jewett, published by Brooks Cole (ISBN 0-534-49143-X). It is available at the UCR bookstore as well as through Amazon. We will cover most of Chapters 1-8 and parts of Chapters 10 and 11. (Note that Chapter 11 will be covered with Chapter 5.) If you cannot find the book at the UCR Bookstore, try the University Book Exchange at 229 West Big Springs Road. It is on the corner of West Big Springs Road and Watkins Drive, and their phone number is 682-3634. I expect each of you to read the assigned material in the textbook by the dates indicated in the chronological syllabus. For those who need additional support or a math review, try The Physics Toolbox by Kirsten Hubbard and Debora Katz.
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Physics2A_Intro_F09 - Physics 2A General Physics Lecture...

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