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Newton’s Second Law (Pre-lab Assignment included) This week we will make measurements of the relationship between Force and Acceleration, or Newton’s second law, i.e., v F = m v a The lab will consist of two separate sets of measurements: Vary m keeping F constant, and measure a . Measure a on an inclined plane for varying m . Apparatus We will make our measurements on an Air Track to minimize the influence of friction. The basic setup, shown below in Figure 1, consists of an Air Track , rubber bumpers at each end, one glider, one pulley, and two photogate timers. Glider Glider Post Photogates Air Track Bumper Pulley Bumper Figure 1: Air Track Setup for Newton’s 2nd Law Four large weights (about 50 grams each) will be added to the glider to measure a vs. m for fixed F . A 5 gm hanger will provide the force. A string attached to the glider post goes over the pulley and attaches to the hanger (see Figure 2 below). Additional weight may be added to the hanger to increase the force. A balance will be used for mass measurements.
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