marketing chapter 9

marketing chapter 9 - 1. geographic 2. demographic 3....

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Chapter 9 1. Why market segments 226-230 a. Market segmentation: aggregating prospective buyers into groups that i. Have common needs ii. Will respond similarly to a marketing action b. Segmentation links needs to action fig 9-1 227 c. Segmentation trade-off 229-230 i. Crm vs synergies (economy of sales) 1. Cater to individuals wants but also promote company synergy. CRM should create synergy 2. Steps in segmenting and targeting markets 230-243 a. Step 1:group potential buyers into segments i. 5 criteria 231 a. simplicity and cost effectiveness of assigning potential buyers to segment b. potential for increased profits c. similarity of needs of potential buyers within a segment d. difference of needs of buters among segments e. potential of a merkating action to reach a segment 2. a segment is homogeneous within heterogeneous between ii. ways to segment fig 9-3 p232 and fid 9-6 235
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Unformatted text preview: 1. geographic 2. demographic 3. psychographic 4. behavioral b. step 2: group products to be sold into categories c. step 3: develop a metket-product grid and estimate the size of markets fig 9-7 d. step 4: select target markets criteria i. market size ii. expected growth iii. competitive position iv. cost of reaching the segment v. compatibility with organization e. step- take marketing actions 3. position the product 243 a. place an offering occupies in a comsumers mind b. perceptual map fig 9-10 p. 244 9-11 p.245 4. sales forcecasting techniques a. judgements b. surveys i. buyer inentions ii. salesforce c. statistical methods i. trend exprapoltaion Notes-Define segments common needs react similiarly to a marketing programs These two are homogenous within the segment...
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marketing chapter 9 - 1. geographic 2. demographic 3....

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