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Chapter 8 1. Marketing research 5 steps 200-201 fig 8-2 a. Define the problem Exploratory Descriptive Causal b. Develop the research plan 203-204 Sampling 1. Probability sampling (had written notes) 2. Nonprobability sampling (had written notes) Statistical inference c. Collect relevant info 204-217 a. Qualitative - b. Quantitative – measurable Secondary data. Internal/external – Data that has already been collected for some other purpose 1. Adv/disadv of secondary data a. Adv- cheap and little time consumption b. Disadvantage- if you can get this information so can your competitors. May not give you competitive advantage Primary data – you go out and collect new information that did
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Unformatted text preview: not exist before (actually do surveys and research). a. Do primary because this data does not exist or somebody has gotten this data but it is not current or not exactly what you want. b. Big corporations do this get to proprietary research- research no one else knows giving them a competitive edge. 2. Observing behavior 3. Questioning consumers – people calling you on the phone for survey questions, dork with a clipboard asks you to take a survey, etc 4. Panels and experiments 5. Adv/disadv of primary data a. Disadvantage- time consuming b. Advantage- can give you a competitive advantage d. Develop findings e. Take marketing actions...
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