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marketing news assaignment

marketing news assaignment - To Sustain iPhone Apple Halves...

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To Sustain iPhone, Apple Halves Price http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124448050292994727.html Date of Article: June 8 th Kasra Saidi Introduction To Marketing Due Date: June 10 th Section Time: 12:45
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Apple Inc. had its annual launch conference on Monday, June 8 th and unveiled a new Apple Iphone, the 3GS, and also announced a number of price cuts to its current products. With the recession greatly affecting Apple’s target market (13), young trendy professionals, Apple is trying to secure future sales by altering their controllable factors, the marketing mix (13). The introduction of a new Iphone the 3GS, which will cater to the more tech savvy individuals, will allow the current model, the Iphone 3G, to get a significant price cut and will now be available at a astonishing $99. The Iphone 3GS boasts a host of cutting edge technology that Apple so closely correlates itself with allowing for the major corporation to continue its competitive advantage (35) in breakthrough technology, especially in the smart phone market where Apple has been so dominate in the past. Also the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro got price cuts, the air a substantial $300 dollar price cut and the Pro a $100 dollar price cut. Apple has also announced that a free Ipod Touch will be given to a customer when they purchase any Mac computer. Furthermore in hopes of attracting more customers and broadening its market share (34) Apple and AT&T have agreed on a new monthly plan that will cut service costs. By altering controllable factors such as price, product, and promotions analyst Toni Sacconaghi believes that demand will increase by 50%.
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marketing news assaignment - To Sustain iPhone Apple Halves...

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