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maketing 6-8 - ii Past performance iii Capacity iv ISO 9000...

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1. Organizational buyers 144-145 B2B (Business to Business) not B2c (Business to consumer) – more b2b businesses than b2c i. More likely to do direct advertising to b2b markets, do not use mass advertising. ii. NAICS- every company in America has a code that tells what type of business they are in. Ex. 511 code means publishing industries. b. Industrial markets i. Manufacturing/processing c. Resellers Markets i. Wholesalers/retailers d. Government markets 2. NAICS 145-146 a. Get codes at census.gov b. Use in come required resources i. Business and company resource ii. Proquest iii. Business source complete 3. Characteristics of Org. Buying 147-151 a. Demand characteristics/ derived demand (forecasted demand) – always have to be on top of what they need, they plan their purchases leading to NO impulse buy. b. Size of the order is larger c. Fewer potential buyers d. Buying objective profit (not need/.want)_only buy what they need therefore no psychological influences (whats cool/trendy/etc) e. Buying criteria i. Price/quantity/delivery (what drives purchases ONLY)
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Past performance iii. Capacity iv. ISO 9000. Quality standard - v. Iso 14000 Environmental certification. Has to do with the manufacturing of the product. 4. Buying center 151-153 a. Roles i. Users, influencers, buyers, gatekeepers (read) b. Buy classes fig 6-3 153 i. Straight rebuy – a corp needs paperclips, they look at historical records, they know how many they now need per month, year, day, etc. They then can forecast their demand for future purchases. So paperclips would be a straight rebuy because you already know your forecast so you wont be researching your next paperclip purchse ii. Modified rebuy – buying same thing but in a different configuration. Buying bigger paper clips. Something small has changed im not gunna rebuy right away iii. New buy – buying something you have never bought before. Corporations buy in large dollar amounts. So if you are a sales person this is the optimal time to be there....
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maketing 6-8 - ii Past performance iii Capacity iv ISO 9000...

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