7 - • Data is turned into information based ona user...

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Business 4/7 Promotion The promotion mix o Integrated marketing communications- a unified effort o Coordingation of the promotion mix elements Advertising Direct response Publicity Personal selling Sales promotion o Media fragmentation due to- Cable Internet Craigslist DVR (17%) o Media allocation trends Less broadcast More direct Direct Marketing- 51% of total advertising expenditures (junk mail, coupons, etc) o A measurable response Order Lead generation Traffic o Opportunities to test/learn Promotion- push vs. pull Management information systems – transforms data into information that supports decision-making o Reporting o Simulation o Decision support systems – try to integrate the decision maker and the data base to support a decision ex. Inventory stock levels. To be effective, an MIS must be able to: o Collect data o Store data o Update data o Analyize data o Organize data
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Unformatted text preview: • Data is turned into information based ona user audit-o Define end users o Define user decisions o Define data needs • Internal o Finance o Accounting o Marketing o Customer service o Operations management • External o List brokers o Suppliers o Partners • Accounting o Record of sales o Records of payments o Records of expenditures o Forecasts budgets o Tracks business performance • Finance o Shares information o Tracks investment returns o Project future needs o Monitors use of funds • Human resources o Recruiting Prospects list o Training o Evaluation Performance data o Compensation Salesforce • Operations o Inventory management o Supply chain management RFID • Marketing o Crm system o Test data o Knowledge base- pepsi • Customer service o History o Priority customer identification...
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7 - • Data is turned into information based ona user...

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