31 - o Wine bottles o Powdered drink containers o Beer...

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Business 3/31 Marketing 4 P’s and components Product – customization Pricing – Volume/repeat Placement - channel Promotion – media Identifying target markets o How to offer which product to which target Market segmentation o Demographics o Psychographics o Geography o Purchase history o Lifetime value – 80/20 rule o Commercial/residential Consumer buying cycle o Problem/need recognition o Informal seeking o Evaluation of alternatives o Purchase decision o Post purchase evaluation – Ex. Buyers remorse Organizational buying- The Product- What is the product- it is not only the ipod itself but also the packaging is also part of the product. Beyond just the packaging the services involved, itunes, it is part of this total product offer that Apple delivers. The total product offer includes- the product but others like marketing, packaging, distribution, software etc. Consumer focused product packaging o Motor oil bottles o Perfume bottles
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Unformatted text preview: o Wine bottles o Powdered drink containers o Beer bottles • Distribution – focused o RFID tags o UPC codes o Shelf compatibility o Transport design • Product – services o Bicycle tune-ups University bikes Bicycle village/Vail resorts o Auto repair loaners o Free shipping Product Lines and mixes; product differnentiation • Product mix- all products • Product lines- Related group o CU accounting, engineering… o Harley-Davidson Bikes, clothes o Apple software, ipod’s, Macs, etc. Product Types-• Convenience goods o Purchase frequently with minimal effort • Shopping goods o Purchased less frequently with more effort/research • Specialty goods o Product with unique characteristics Branding • A brand is a name, term, design, symbol. .. • Why invest in a brand? What value do brands have? • The actions firms take to protect their brands provide real value to consumers....
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31 - o Wine bottles o Powdered drink containers o Beer...

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