Log #1 - pump money into supply companies in the hope that...

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Kasra Saidi 810-80-7233 BCOR 1010-112 Chrysler Shuts Down Four Plants Chrysler LLC shut down four car-manufacturing plants after it ended a parts supply agreement with Plastech inc. Chryslers decision to end its agreement is not the norm with most car manufactures who usually pump money into supply companies hoping for a turn around. The goal was to not waste millions of dollars trying to revitalize Plastech inc. in the hopes they could fill the supply void with another company. Chrysler hopes to quickly fill the supply gap soon by appointed a new company who can offer parts more efficiently. This is an extremely controversial move by Chrysler, they do not have a backup supplier ready to spring into action, they may face huge financial loses. I feel that this was a good move by Chrysler LLC, the article explains that most car manufactures just
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Unformatted text preview: pump money into supply companies in the hope that will spark more productivity but this usually ends in financial loses. The decision to not waste money and cut loses is remarkable business conduct and may spark a new trend among how car manufactures deal with supple shortages. Furthermore this will spark competitive competition for supply manufacturers who hope to fill in Chryslers needs promoting more efficient business outcomes, what the Free Market allows for. I would want to be involved with Chrysler, the new CEO and management seems to be on the pinnacle of business innovation, both with dealing with its finances and products designed. I personally would want to be part of a innovative, trend setting, and in my eyes smart business principals company, and with these types of decisions Chrysler is on the right path....
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Log #1 - pump money into supply companies in the hope that...

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