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Kasra Saidi 810-80-7233 BCOR 1010-112 Microsoft Makes Grab for Yahoo Microsoft offers Yahoo 44.6 Billion dollars to buy out the online search engine site. Microsoft hopes to narrow the lead that Google currently has in the online world, they have been steaming ahead recently and Microsoft is determined to shorten the gap between the two companies. Yahoo generates about 16% of online advertisement revenues, Microsoft sees this as a golden opportunity to broaden their online services for its users ranging from email to online dating. Yahoo has ignored Microsoft’s previous behind the scenes offer, but this new offer is hard to pass up, Yahoo is still waiting for other offers and has yet to give any leads as to what they will do. This shows remarkable business conduct because such and expensive buyout causes much distress with its shareholders and adds much financial stress to the company. I think that this is great merger for Microsoft, at the moment they are very vulnerable to
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Unformatted text preview: losing this aggressive online advertisement market. It is aggressive moves like this that can create massive turn around and in the long run benefit shareholders tremendously. With the online world only expanding if Microsoft wants to stay on top they need to control this market, this may be late in the game but better late than never in my opinion. I would love to be a shareholder of Microsoft at the moment, they know how the market works and understand that acquiring Yahoo is a top priority to maintain its leading position. Although this may be risky I would prefer a company that I am associated with to take calculated risks that pose huge benefits, and I truly believe if Microsoft does acquire Yahoo they will post huge profits in the years to come with new advertisement opportunities which will cut third party marketing costs....
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