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11 - innovative mentality not simply ‘business...

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Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship - creating and building something of value from practically nothing. The process of creating or seizing and opportunity and pursuing it, regardless of resources presently controlled. Economist definition - The entrepreneur is the innovator who implements change within markets through the carrying out of new combinations. “Creative destruction” I-pod destroyed sales of CDs, record stores, etc. Poetic Definition- Enrepreneurship is a state on mind, an artful, insightful, and
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Unformatted text preview: innovative mentality, not simply ‘business administration’ it is a way of perceiving and exploiting opportunities wherever and whenever. Who are entrepreneurs? Societies rejects, instead of becoming hobo, criminals of professors, they start their own business Entrepreneurial Revolution 1960’s: 20 years to replace 35% of fortune 500 Now it only takes 3-4 years. Who are entrepreneurs?...
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