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Chinese Myths and Legends Midterm Review Myth/Legend/Folktale - All stories; beginning, middle, and end; characters (might not all be human) Received texts, recensions, archaeological discoveries - Ways to study Chinese texts Recensions= reconstructed texts Received texts= ancient texts that come down through the tradition to modern times Archaeological studies= in recent years were dug up or found someplace and are proven to be ancient texts that would otherwise not be known. The most influential is the received texts Confucian influences : deleterious effect on preservation of myth Confucianism= mostly about this worldly things; deemphasize other worldly/supernatural things Euhemerization; reverse euhemerization - not a belief; way to discuss what people see happening in Chinese myth; Creation: qi, yin-yang , chaos - Qi=breath; ether that fills the universe Yin-yang=not opposites; compliments of each other Chaos= what existed before things took shape; used in the west Pan Gu: 2 myths (later combine into one)- First myth= formed inside egg shaped chaos, heavy qi went down and light qi went up, and as he grew taller, heaven got higher and earth grew thicker Second myth= when he dies, his body parts form much of the world; hair becomes vegetation, etc.; formed from egg shape chaos, when dies, world is formed (combined into one) Nu Wa- Mud myth= makes people out of mud. Aristocrats are molded; commoners are formed from cord dragged through the mud
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chinmythreview - Chinese Myths and Legends Midterm Review...

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