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Krista Morelli 22992875 Journal Response Four Defonesca’s admission to knowingly reconstructing her story with only what she remembers, aware of the personal bias she incorporates, has important ethical implications. The implications for Defonesca herself would be whether or not her story should be told as nonfiction, or even told at all. For her to release a story of what she believes to be real, with very non-real elements is to undermine the importance of this period of time, as well as the very real suffering of those who lived, and did not live, through it. This is not said because her suffering is not important, or that she should not be able to tell her story, but if she is knowingly adding personal bias, and especially if she is unclear as to exactly what happened, her story should not be released as a nonfiction testimonial. For the reader, whether it is someone who is reading for enjoyment, insight, or knowledge, it means they cannot fully trust what they are reading to be completely nonfictional. Instead, while a reader should be able to read such a
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