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Krista Morelli 22992875 Comparative Literature 141 Final Paper “A Narrative is Like a Room on whose Walls a Number of False Doors has been Painted…” American author John Updike once said, “A narrative is like a room on whose walls a number of false doors have been painted; while within the narrative, we have many apparent choices of exit, but when the author leads us to one particular door, we know it is the right one because it opens.” In other words, every narrative has its own meaning, its own targeted audience, and its own style that are meant to lead the reader to a more complete understanding of the author’s intentions. To complete this task, authors employ a variety of strategies including specific vocabulary, point of view, descriptions, and character interactions. By incorporating elements such as these, the author is able to compile a unique and effective narration that affects how information is communicated or not communicated, and the reader’s understanding of history and authority. In two specific works, The Key by Junichiro Tanizaki, and Obasan by Joyce Kogawa, the narrations are expertly manipulated to elicit the desired response from the reader. Authors of The Key and Obasan both employ similar literary tactics that affect the readers’ opinion of the characters as well as the stories being told about them. In The Key , Tanizaki uses the dueling narratives to provide a deeper look into the psyche of the husband and wife characters, their twisted relationship, their innocent beliefs and fascinations, and the way they end up solving their intimacy issues. At one point, the husband states, “Even now, after more twenty years of marriage, with a daughter herself old enough to marry, she refuses to do 1
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more than perform the act in silence. Never to whisper a few soft, loving words as we lie in each other’s arms- is that a real
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final - 1 Krista Morelli 22992875 Comparative Literature...

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