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A. Throughout her story, Menchú and her family face depressing and devastating events that greatly traumatize their family. Through these difficult points in the story, it seems as though Menchú narrates from a near, witness point of view. She does not shy away from telling of these events, because if she did she would not have much of a story, and she would not be able to convey her life experiences to the readers. She doesn’t seem to use any strategies, besides describing the event exactly how she took it at the moment it happened. In other words, if something happened when she was 10, she describes it like her 10 year old self would if someone asked her about it as it was happening. B. Sharing traumatic experiences with others is therapeutic and important to the healing process. When someone bottles something up inside, especially a traumatic personal experience, they can become withdrawn from the rest of their life, no longer find interest in seeing friends, family, places they once enjoyed. In short, they
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