discussion one - A. The definition and concept of...

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A. The definition and concept of authority, whether it be political, pertaining to law enforcement, spiritual, or social, is synonymous with the concept of power. Logic supports the theory that those with more power or standing within an institution are the likeliest to maintain the greatest authority over said institution. Virtually every aspect of life is governed by a specific form of authority. As citizens of a democratic state, Americans are subjected to the authority of the United States government and its laws. Identifying with a religion or belief in a higher spiritual power, whether it is Christian, Buddhist, Wicca, Islamic, or Atheist, requires submitting to a higher institution of rules and responsibilities that governs exactly how to interact with each and every set of beliefs. Social authority is constructed around the social hierarchy we as humans establish among one another. In an office, a high school, a city or a college, those who stand out from others, whether it is because they are popular, good-looking, rich, or smart, are almost always found in a position of authority. Simply, authority is the power certain individuals have within different institutions that determines the way people interact with individual aspects of every day life. B. Flavio’s confession to Guedes at the end of part five was not surprising to me at all. It didn’t
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discussion one - A. The definition and concept of...

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