Japanese War History Notes 1

Japanese War History Notes 1 - Japan At War After History...

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History Class Lecture #1 Frank Capra – Know Your Enemy Japan [Summer of 1945] Made purely for American propaganda. However, this movie was suppressed due to the sheer violent, barbaric, and racist qualities that Frank Capra expressed throughout the movie. Since most of the American soldiers were 18-20 years old, the government feared that these soldiers would show no clemency and would shoot to kill all Japanese soldiers on sight. Nesei- Solely Japanese group of soldiers who fought during WWII against the Nazi’s. These people were understood as Americans; however, those who lived in Japan were thought to be barbarians. “Sword is our steel bible”- Sadao Araki Japanese culture, upon insight, look and act much differently than do Americans. However, their technology seems to be consistent with those of Americans… The narrator stipulates that America and Japan can never understand each other. However, through the instance of such an intimate relationship of WAR, Americans must attempt to understand them. In Japan, an average soldier was about 5 foot and 3 inches, 117pounds, very alike in skin and facial structure, made about 10 yen or $2.36 a month? Wore 60pounds in equipment and their appearance – comic like. Very smart, endurable in character to heat, stress, etc. Ate only rice and fish. To be a soldier in the Japanese army was deemed the highest achievement in Japan. o They were descendents of God himself. This justified violence against non- Japanese. Attempted to utilize hand combat in every battle. Death meant payment for their services. Never to surrender to the enemy. o The Flag symbolized the image of the blood of God. Rising Sun = Emperor = most holy of holy. Supernatural, reigned in on politics and religion. Was the descendent of the sun. His position was stronger than all the European political members and the religious officers combined.
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His car was the only maroon car in Japan. You could “hurt” your eyes by looking at him. First floor windows were always closed whenever he passed by. He always stood higher than everyone else. Everything happens because of the Emperor [ peace, war, all justified] 1940- holy year. 2600 th year of founding by Jimu. Japanese priests are chanting…the narrator places underneath the screen [ can’t be translated ] RASCISM. Hiro Hito – Emperor of Japan. 128
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Japanese War History Notes 1 - Japan At War After History...

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