Japanese History Notes 2

Japanese History Notes 2 - Military training was very...

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Military training was very horrific for every single soldier. Kobayashi Human Condition Film: Kobayashi Masaki, The Human Condition II: The Road to Eternity Part 3: Officer slaps the new recruits after he brings them out of bed late at night. For a cigarette butts in the clean water tank. Kaji gets in trouble. His superiors state that college rhetoric will do no good in the army. If a soldier cannot complete his duty, the superiors verbally abuse him. Obara. Kaji- a Communist, wants to help out innocent Chinese vicdtims, and helps out his recruits. Is also blacklisted by the Kempeitai. Strict obedience and respect for their superior officers. Kaji and Shinjo(has been there for 3 years) decide to run for the border to escape. Kaji’s wife comes to visit him. They are allowed to spend the night wit each other. Kaji’s friend asks his wife to send his wife a leter. His superiors are angry at the fact that a rookie is allowed to sleep with his wife. Kanji and Shinjo plan to escape. Kaji tells his wife that they should escape. In Manchuria Russia. His wife is not going to go. Makes Kaji promise her that he will come back to her alive. (Michiko) Asks his wife to strip her clothes for him one last time. Practicing Kendo- Kaji defeats his superior officer. A higher ranking officer steps in. Makes Kaji attack him, “to attack is to win”. That officer “jji-reum’s” him. As his wife is leaving, they will nto say “good bye” to each other. His wife can’t bear to see him off again, turns her back. Cries. Obara sends a letter to his wife, gets verbally abused for it. Says his effimate actiosn are worse
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Japanese History Notes 2 - Military training was very...

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