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Japanese History 3

Japanese History 3 - Human Condition II Kaji is sent to the...

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Human Condition II. 9/28/09 Kaji is sent to the front lines. Promoted Cpt. Private 2 nd Lt. Kageyama- friends with Kaji during training. Asks Kaji to be his assistant. Superior private wants his new recruits’ quarters be isolated. Superiors want to show physical discipline. Kaji wants to show kindness Although kaji is superior rank, those lower than him still believe they are higher since they have served longer than him. They beat him. “veterans” rookies will be saved during combat by veterans, not the code and manuals. Lt. sees it, but ignores it as a warning. By eating the slipper, he proves his point that he is superior to them in every aspect. With the new recruits, they forget to use military speech with superior officers. Kaji kindly tells them and they automatically listen. The veterans treat them very brutishly. Takes away a button from a new recruit. Kaji tells him to get it back by himself. Veterans complain about the food served to them by the assistant. Kaji makes them give the meat to them. Kaji will not hit his men and thus, the veteran hits him instead because the new recruit does not know how to shine his boots. Lt. will not change rules to prevent personal punishment because veterans will be the ones who will fight with him, not the new recruits.
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