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BU357_Outline_Spring_2009 - School ofBusiness&Economics...

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Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business  & Economics BUSINESS 357, Introduction to Taxation Spring 2009 Instructors: Lade, P (Sec J)      Lade, S (Sec H)              Email Address: [email protected]       [email protected]       519-696-2210      519-696-2210                    Office: P2045/P2055      P2045/P2055             Office Hours: Tues  6-7pm      Tues/Thurs  12-1pm  Or by appointment        Or by appointment Course Coordinator:        Chu, L  Email Address:        [email protected]   Phone Number:        519-884-0710 x2422  Objectives : This course is an intensive  study  of the  Canadian Income Tax Act  and  related  statutes  and  their application  to the taxation  of individuals, partnerships  and  corporations..   Prerequisites : BU227  Required Text : Canadian  Income  Tax Act with  Regulations,  2008, 86th          Edition     ,   CCH  Canadian   Limited, Toronto, Ontario, 2008 (also, on accompanying  CD). Beam, R. E., Laiken, S. N., Barnett, J. J.,  Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in   Canada , 2008-2009, 29 th  Edition, CCH Canadian  Limited, Toronto, Ontario, 2008. Optional : Bulletins,   Circulars   and   Rulings ,   CCH   Canada   Limited,   Toronto,   Ontario   (on  accompanying  CD and  at http:/ /www.cra- arc.gc.ca/) Expectations :
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1) Students  are responsible for reading  the assigned  chapter  prior  to coming  to  class. 2) Students  are  responsible  for completing  all problems  and  exercises  listed  in  the course  outline.  (They  should  be attempted  prior  to class!) The instructor  
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