EN102 RR Prompt 4 (Technically I'm Ignoring U)

EN102 RR Prompt 4 (Technically I'm Ignoring U) - Prof....

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Prof. Swanson EN102/ Spring 2009 RR Prompt 4 Due Date: Wednesday, April 1 st Technically, I’m Ignoring U In the spirit of your Research Paper topics, I thought I would post a prompt that deals with yet another of the seemingly innumerable problems that have arisen in our era of technological advancement. It was actually inspired by an interesting conversation that I overheard (ok, eavesdropped on) between two students before one of my classes this past week. One female student announced to her classmate that she wanted to “text [her friend], so I don’t have to call her back.” It suddenly occurred to me that I engage in this behavior too. I have been known to screen calls, allowing my friends and family members to leave messages on my answering machine when, in reality, I’m sitting on my couch 10 feet away watching American Idol. I’ve checked my caller ID to see, depending on who was calling, if I really wanted to be bothered answering the phone. I set ring tones on my cell, so I know which calls I want to answer or ignore. I’ve left voicemails when I knew my family wasn’t home, just to play nice, because I really didn’t want to waste 30 minutes “catching up” with them. I have a good friend from college who I haven’t seen face-to-face in over 4 years; I keep in touch with her on Facebook because I don’t want to drive to her house in PA (that’s only one hour away, incidentally), since I don’t really like her husband. And, I’ve emailed and texted friends because it seemed easier (and faster) than actually speaking to them. Now that I write this, I do feel a bit guilty, but I also imagine that I’m not the only one doing this. If you’re being brutally honest, I’m sure many of you have done at least one (if not all ) of these things too. But why? The following article was written by Monmouth University professor, Jennifer
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This note was uploaded on 09/30/2009 for the course IT 100 taught by Professor Pap during the Spring '09 term at Monmouth University-West Long Branch.

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EN102 RR Prompt 4 (Technically I'm Ignoring U) - Prof....

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