EN102 RR Prompt 5 (Rendition)

EN102 RR Prompt 5 (Rendition) - Prof. Swanson EN102/ Spring...

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Prof. Swanson EN102/ Spring 2009 RR Prompt 5 Due Date: Wednesday, April 8 th A Necessary Evil? The excerpt below comes from an article written by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). Please read the article and then respond to the question that follows. Fact Sheet: Extraordinary Rendition Beginning in the early 1990s and continuing to this day, the Central Intelligence Agency, together with other U.S. government agencies, has utilized an intelligence- gathering program involving the transfer of foreign nationals suspected of involvement in terrorism to detention and interrogation in countries where –in the CIA's view – federal and international legal safeguards do not apply. Suspects are detained and interrogated either by U.S. personnel at U.S. run detention facilities outside U.S. sovereign territory or, alternatively, are handed over to the custody of foreign agents for interrogation. In both instances, interrogation methods are employed that do not comport with federal and
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EN102 RR Prompt 5 (Rendition) - Prof. Swanson EN102/ Spring...

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