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RR5 - D weck 1 Abraham Dweck Professor Swanson EN102 RR5 8...

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Dweck 1 Abraham Dweck Professor Swanson EN102/ RR5 8 April 2009 The Day That Changed It All September 11, 2001 is a day many remember as a moment in time where democracy was tested by a large group of radicals. But that day also changed the mindset of many people in this country. There was no longer a thought of how do we catch these terrorists, it also became a game of how can we kill them. It was in this spirit that the program known as “extraordinary rendition” was seen as common sense instead of human cruelty. With the recent rise of terrorism and terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad, it is no surprise that any government would take such action against those whom they thought were responsible. That is why it should no shock to anyone when the United States starts sending suspected terrorists to foreign countries for detention and illegal interrogation tactics. These men/women went way past whatever human rights they deserved, when they attempted or were
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Dweck 2 successful in the killing of innocent people. With people like Usama Bin Laden and
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