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Mission & SWOT - ways to get them done but I always...

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Abraham Dweck 9/29/07 Professor Ryder MRKT 101 Mission Statement It is my life mission to live each day with determination, happiness and personal growth so that I may become a good person both on the inside and outside. I will do this by pushing myself to do my best in anything that life brings my way and try to make the best out of every scenario. SWOT Analysis My SWOT Analysis of my goal here at Brookdale and finishing college to get my BA in Finance (Monmouth University): Strengths: I am smart and can remember alot of information I am vocal and don’t mind getting into conversations with the professor during class (as most professors do like) I am open-minded to anything, so no subject matter is too far for my mind to experiment with I am computer savvy so taking tests online, typing assignments or essays is simple for me People tell me that I can quickly solve any problem that may come there or my way. So this may help in the classroom.
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Weaknesses: I am a procrastinator, sometimes I tend to push off things to the last moment. I still find
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Unformatted text preview: ways to get them done but I always wonder why I do them at the last moment. My handwriting isn’t very legible, so I am grateful for Microsoft Word and computers in general Sometimes my over eagerness gets in the way of learning and expressing myself an be disrespectful Opportunities: My opportunities here are simple to get a degree in BA in Finance so I can head to Wall Street and start my Business career and make some money. Threats: My weaknesses can be a threat to me in that they can hold me back Such as procrastinating may come to hurt me in that I don’t do my assignments or work by the deadline. The stock market isn’t doing so well right now so making money in it might be a difficult task. Keeping focus on my goal and not saying “Is this what I really want to do” and change my major, forcing me to stay in college longer than the 4 years I originally planned to....
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Mission & SWOT - ways to get them done but I always...

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