Heroin Summary

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Abraham Dweck 11/8/07 Dr. Elaine Olaoye PSYC 105 Heroin Summary The effects of heroin on the body differ from any other drug that a person might take. When a person takes heroin, their body creates an opposite substance to counteract with the drug. So, if a person takes a certain amount of the drug one time and gets “high”, he would need to take more of the heroin in order to receive that same “high”. This was proved in Pavlonian Conditioning. A Psychologist, Dr. Shepard Siegel, said that the injection of heroin as a US creates URs (which are anti of the heroin), so every time a person takes the drug these URs are there to go against it. Therefore a person would need to take more of the drug to feel the same “high” as they did the first time they took the
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