List of Features for Lillienfield Book

List of Features for Lillienfield Book - exactly what you...

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List of Features for Lillienfield Book 1. Chapter Preview and Outline – gives you a very good and analytical way of learning and previewing the chapter. The outline is very good and easy to understand 2. Six Flags of Thinking: a) Extraordinary Claims – like the man with the bionic arm seeing the mind controls behavior. Ending by saying Superhuman – no, Amazing – yes b) Falsability – There will always be a doubt when it comes to hypothesis or ideas just like this case with Sherrington c) Oceams’ Razor d) Replicability – Every study can and will be duplicated to bring more proof that the study is reliable or false e) Ruling out Rival Hypothesis – Sometimes like in the case of estrogen and ovulation, we must take a hypothesis and push it aside f) Correlation vs. Causation – opportunities in the text where psychology as a science is relevant. Correlation – Gathering Data (2 interesting variables unsure if they go against each other)
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3. Visual Review – This is a good way to go back and understand
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Unformatted text preview: exactly what you have learnt 4. Self Tests – A list of questions on the chapter. Very Good for review. 5. Detailed & Varied page layout – keeps your imagination going not knowing how the next page will look. However the Layout of each is very good. 6. Labeled Pictures – small text used, many pictures and they are relevant to the readings. 7. Psychomythology – The myth that a person is “right brained” or “left brained”. Misinterpretation of what scientist reported. a. Left Brained – scholarly, logical, analytical b. Right Brained – artistic, creative and emotional 8. Learning Objectives – helps you focus on the objectives on the readings. 9. Think About It – Expands your mind to other things, such as “which do you think is more heritable, height or weight, why?” 10. Factoids & Fictoids – interesting Facts and Fiction things that you may see in your life. e.g. “Sweetened with NutraSweet”...
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List of Features for Lillienfield Book - exactly what you...

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