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List of Features for Myers Book 1. Poetry – recites a poem at the beginning of each chapter. This may be helpful to those who appreciate poetry 2. Margins – There are many useful definitions and quotes in the margins 3. Diagrams & Pictures – These are very useful as we can see an actual nerve or brain and get a visual of what we are learning 4. Tables – we can see what the information in the text means with proof from the tables 5. Learning Outcomes & Chapter Reviews – Easy reviews on each
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Unformatted text preview: chapter to recap all of the information in the chapter 6. Self Tests Question so you can see if you understood the chapter and can help on class tests 7. Website Tests and Links Interactive with the internet with tests and helpful learning tips 8. Reference Section you can go back and see where they get the information for the book. You can get a better understanding of the information at hand....
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