WOMEN IN PSYCHOLOGY - Abraham Dweck Dr. Olaoye PSYC105...

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Abraham Dweck PSYC105 Dr. Olaoye 9/20/07 WOMEN IN PSYCHOLOGY There have been many women that have contributed to the world of psychology. Between the years 1879 and 1940 we have seen some of the brightest female psychologist of our times. They include, Mary Whiton Calkins, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Anne Anastasi and Edna Heidbreder. Mary Whiton Calkins (1863- 1930), is preeminently known for two things; being the first woman president of the APA and being denied her doctorate from Harvard. But, these things only make a small portion of who she really was. She spent her entire life dedicate to the works of psychology. This was not easy for any woman in the 1890’s, especially since there were very few psychology schools open and she was a woman. So she started her learning’s abroad in Germany before returning to the US, there she looked at many colleges before choosing to go to Harvard. Two professors their, William James and Josiah Royce, had sent Calkins letters inviting her to sit in on their lectures on a strictly informal basis. But, when President Eliot, refused to allow her to sit in on these lectures, because he believed that the board would get angry. So, Mary started a petition and on Oct. 1 1890 was approved to attend the seminars of James and Royce. At the end
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WOMEN IN PSYCHOLOGY - Abraham Dweck Dr. Olaoye PSYC105...

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