FESTIVALL - Abraham Dweck Prof. Chris Tomaino 12/8/07...

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Abraham Dweck 12/8/07 Prof. Chris Tomaino THTR105 Festiv”ALL” On Sunday, December 2 nd , I attended the single act plays of Brookdale students at the Brookdale Performing Arts Center. The matinee started off with the singing of a beautifully written song “PS I Love You” sung by Jaquel Johnson. The first play was a play called “Best Daddy”; this play was written by Shel Silverstein and directed by Robert DeBoer. There are two characters in this play, one the father, played by Michael Meinberg, the other his daughter, Lisa, played by Kristjen Kjems. The play revolves around the gift that Lisa’s father has gotten for her; the gift itself is under a blanket and remains that way throughout the play. The play is a comedy, as at first he tells her that it is a pony, and then he says that it is a dead pony since it bit him and he shot it. After she starts to cry about her dead pony he says “you can’t be so gullible” he then says another and another bad gift until he finally tells her the true gift that was underneath it a bicycle. This play is about sarcasm and the relationship between a father and daughter, it has its comical moments but at times was painful to watch as he kept dragging on what the gift underneath the blanket was. After this play there were a couple of songs one song by Christopher Szabo,
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FESTIVALL - Abraham Dweck Prof. Chris Tomaino 12/8/07...

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