BYP3-9 - difference in equipment isn’t going to change a...

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GROUP 3 10/23/08 Prof. Flaming BA - 251 BYP3-9 a) In Rachel’s case her stakeholders would be shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors, investors and bankers. They would all be affected by this act of hers, due to their connection, or possible connection with the company. b) The ethical issues that are involved here are how a stakeholder (listed above) would now perceive this company due to the change that Rachel has made. By making that change to the company’s trial balance Rachel is now indicating that she has spent more money on equipment then she actually did. This can cause one to believe that the company has invested more money in itself than it actually did. However, it is my belief that although this may be unethical for her to do, in a $20 million dollar company, a thousand dollar
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Unformatted text preview: difference in equipment isn’t going to change a person’s mind if they want to invest or if they want to sell to this company. The only thing that may occur is if she is caught, then some people may see her as unethical and then she may lose business. c) Rachel has a few alternatives: i. She can quickly get a few accountants together and try and fix the problem. The only problem would be that it would cost her some money to pay the accountants. ii. She can edit the Depreciation of her Building or Equipment since it is only an estimate of its worth at the moment. This will be easier to get away with. iii. She can not meet the deadline and submit the report late, paying any fines that may occur....
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BYP3-9 - difference in equipment isn’t going to change a...

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