Jeeves Brochure - s affordable as possible t of just...

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About Jeeves Jeeves 3000 is a new innovative  product. Now, you can have your  very own butler  to do all of your  housekeeping chores!  Jeeves is a robot who will not only  do the dishes, but also sweep the  floors, vacuum your house, and do  your laundry, just to name a few  of its tasks. Also, you can now add  on some  all-new features  that  make your butler even more  useful.  Order yours today! 3000 Technology Plaza Wilmington, DE 19801 Phone: 1-800-4JEEVES Fax: 302-555-5338 [email protected] Jeeves 3000 Jeeves will do your vacuuming, laundry, mopping, dishwashing, and more! Your own personal butler JEEVES 3000 Jeeves cleans everything but the windows! Phone: 1-800-4JEEVES Order yours today!!! with an Ask Jeeves program.  nnects you to one of our customer technicians. Our technician will then answer any of your questions about Jeeves or set up a maintenance appointment.
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Unformatted text preview: s affordable as possible. t of just $25,000 , and from there, you can add on the features that you want. an come to your house, and you can order your butler from there. Just call up today to schedule an appointment! rs. So when a new feature comes out, you can just call up and order and our technician will come to your house and install it in your robot. ded warranty . If you have trouble with your Jeeves, just call up, and one of our technicians will come out to fix it at your convenience. Jeeves 3000...
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Jeeves Brochure - s affordable as possible t of just...

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