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Essay Question: 1) Downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, drugs, alcohol, families, stress. What have they done to access the problem: Flex time, shift work, compress workweek, drive assistance program, elder care assistance program, onsite child care centers? 2) problem solving keys, self managed and self directed work teams, functional, and crossfuctional teams, task course, virtual teams, tactical teams. 3) objectiveness/production which means output, communication, interaction with associates/team work, customer satisfaction. Agreement in terms of objectives, reviews every so often one on one with your boss, input from you, respond back to areas graded that weren’t agreed upon. Yes MBO process does fit 4)uncertainty, need for security by individuals, loss of resources’ if your manager you may lose people, breaking the status quo, break up working relationships’, economic concerns about making money. November 10, 2008 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH A. A Broad Concept that refers to the Mental, Emotional & physical well being of employees. IN relation to the conduct of their WORK ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES ON MENTAL HEALTH Opportunity for (personal) Control – we like to be in control of our own destiny, there are some things that take place in the work place that we feel we should be in control of. Opportunity for Use of skills- you received an MBA and working in a couple of places, and we want to bring what we gain from expertise and apply it. Externally Generated Goals- that offer challenge and stimulation – goals that are set up within individuals and hope for MBO . Goal should be challenging meaning something that is not attainable during the first day of the job. Environmental Variety- Choices & Options – environmental we want a lot of choices and options, we
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111008psy - Essay Question 1 Downsizing mergers and...

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