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Performance Appraisal Critic - Esther Rodriguez Performance...

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Esther Rodriguez Performance Appraisal In the article "Get Rid of the Performance Review" by Samuel A. Culbert, performance reviews should be eliminated in the work place. There are seven main points he makes against conducting performance appraisals and he gives an idea as to what kind of performance reviews should be done in order to make workers more effective in the work place. The first point he makes is that "the boss wants to discuss where performance needs to be improved, while the subordinate is focused on small issues as compensation, job progression and career advancement." Gulpert emphasizes that because the boss is thinking about missed opportunities and skill limitation and the subordinate wants to negotiate pay, there are two different goals that are trying to be accomplished. Consequently, it jeopardizes any sort of relationship between the employee and the boss. However, what Culbert fails to see is that higher performance skills lead to higher pay, therefore there is a direct relationship with the "skill imitation" analysis of the boss and the "negotiating pay" of the subordinate. The second point is that "pay is primarily determined by market forces, with most
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Performance Appraisal Critic - Esther Rodriguez Performance...

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