08 - Psychology 264 Values Attitudes and Job Satisfaction...

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Psychology 264: Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction Organizational Attitudes and Behavior - Job Satisfaction - how much you like the job - Changing Nature of Work/ emotions in the Workplace - Job involvement - too much involvement interferes with home life - Organizational Commitment - how you feel about the company of the organization your working with. The commitment of the organization has been dropping. - Organizational Justice- how decisions are made in terms of recognizing people. - distributive - how we pass it - procedural - how we get to the decision, who gets recognized who gets paid - Organizational Citizenship Behavior - talks about you as an individual has an employee of an organization and your values. - The Psychological Contract - an applied perceived set of agreements which is not written between you and the company. What you expect from the company, and what they expect from in terms of doing good in the job. Its not a written contract. IT can be broken when lay offs occur and when someone doesn't get a raise this year. - Employee & the firm = emphasize on benefits - Violations by the Firm - Cross Cultural Influences - understand how to cross culturally communicate and what influences some cultures can have on to others - Individual Responses to Downsizing - Terminated Employees - job and income are lost - Surviving Employees ( Too!) - The Impact of Mergers & Acquisitions - your a part of a company but you acquire their habits good or bad and its not always the easiest thing to do. Mergers you have 2 companies going together, both parties have to get togehter and set a new culture which may clash and need to develope somehting that will work for the both of them. - Antisocial Behavior on the WOrkplace - Violence!!!!! JOB SATISFACTION - What "Drives it?" - everyone wants recognition, the boss has reasonable expectations and what your expectations are of the company. The boss itself you have a crappy or good boss, a boss who pays attention vs. one who doesn't. Career advancement some people want advancement others do not. - What are the Elements that "Make it Happen"
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08 - Psychology 264 Values Attitudes and Job Satisfaction...

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